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" The Box of Grief collects letters to the dead.

A receptacle for love, loss, goodbyes, and gratitude.

We welcome the public to write your own letters and drop them in here. 

The letters will remain unread by the living. 

Once the box has been filled with letters,

they will get pulped down and made into future Boxes of Grief.

The cycle continues. "


while we are still here



Pinhole Cameras, Silver Gelatin Prints. 

While We Are Still Here is a series of black and white pinhole images that documents four different individuals as they navigate through their grief. With the employment of personal objects as a main mode of photographing, the series re-examines relational dynamics in photography, while presenting intimate spaces and mementos which anchor memories with meanings. The series presents individual and the collective identity of grief, offering a safe space for communal mourning. 

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